Symptoms of prostate cancer

What are the prostate cancer symptoms you should never ignore?

When you’re in the early stages of prostate cancer it is very difficult to understand whether or not you have the dreaded disease. This is because a lot of times men can confuse the symptoms for something like UTI or fever. Since the warning signs of the disease aren’t quite there, it is very important that you start going for routine checkups to the doctor once you’re about to hit thirty.

The symptoms associated with prostate cancer become more prominent and noticeable once it is at an advanced stage, which makes it even worse because coming out of an advanced stage of cancer is extremely difficult.

Understanding the problem at hand

It is important to understand that prostate cancer symptoms aren’t usually the result of the cancer. It actually stems out of the blockage caused due to an undefined growth of the prostate gland. Not only does this growth affect a man’s sexual activities but it also affects the urinary tract in a painful way. This is why it is very important to get a checkup done at least once a year to get hold of the prostate cancer in the early stage and nip it in the bud with effective treatment. The prostate cancer treatment cost in India is not too high if detected in time. As the stages keep adding up, so does the intensity of the treatment and the cost mounts up too.

Given below are few symptoms that you must always keep in mind in order to prevent the starting and the moving forward of prostate cancer.

  1. An urge to urinate very frequently.
  2. Blood in the ejaculate.
  3. A very sharp burning sensation when you ejaculate or urinate.
  4. Urine contains traces of blood.
  5. The bones start to hurt and moving around feels like a task.
  6. Difficulty while starting urination. Stopping it also feels like it’s beyond your control now.
  7. Erectile dysfunction.
  8. You find it very difficult to stand and urinate now.
  9. Pain and discomfort in the pelvic area, upper thighs or lowered back. The pain in these areas is usually caused when the prostate cancer (metastasis) has spread to other parts of the body.
  10. Unexplained weight loss, nausea and fatigue also accompany prostate cancer. However, they can also be completely harmless. If the mentioned symptoms have a recurring effect then you should show a doctor.
  11. Swelling in the lower extremes.

The symptoms that come along with prostate cancer can also be due to other non cancerous diseases like benign prostatic hyperplasia and urinary tract infection. The former one is often thought of as prostate cancer but it is not so. The doctor plays an instrumental role in diagnosing the exact condition and will address the risks and benefits associated with the treatment.

Contact your doctor:

Make sure you contact your doctor when you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above. You must not hesitate, thinking that this might be an exaggeration on your part. When prostate cancer moves to the advanced stage, it can show similarities to other types of cancers as well.

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