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Chocolate is a food of the most popular and loved around the world. And “versatile, pleasant to all and is the most craved food all the time. Belgian chocolate is one of the best, the history and tradition behind them is what they are today. Belgian dark chocolate product for centuries.

History of Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree was discovered in South America 2,000 years ago. The Mayans and Aztecs are believed to have a dark pop seeds of the tree. Explorers from Spain received news of the drink and took the seeds of his country and became popular with the introduction into the royal court. In 100 years of the introduction, chocolate recipes, new and innovative across Europe. In the 17th century, when Belgium was ruled by Spain, chocolate was introduced in the royal courts in 1885, Belgium “King Leopold 2 native and colonized the Congo have taken advantage of and abused the supply of beans cocoa and then get the expression “the history of Belgian chocolate is so sweet.” Since then, Belgium has become one of the leading candidates for the production of chocolates in the world’s most luxurious.
Belgian chocolates

Barry Callebaut chocolate for cooking, and is the most common ingredient in most chocolates in Belgium. It produced by Barry Callebaut to accompany the call. This is a relatively new group started in 1996. Callebaut chocolate factory high quality sodium has a strong taste sweet. The cocoa used for chocolate is purchased from Cameroon, Brazil, Ghana, Mexico and Ivory Coast.

Tax-Café is characterized by two main ideas, ideal for enjoying chocolate while sipping coffee in the traditional way. The taste and the mixture is such that you can enjoy especially with coffee. It has become very popular with espresso sippers.

Gold Coast is a chocolate bar. It was launched in 1870 by Carlos Neuhaus. Cocoa beans are purchased from this chocolate from Ghana, formerly called the Gold Coast.

Chevalier is a leading manufacturer of chocolate and diet. Founded in 1996, its main objective is to produce healthy and tasty. They want to meet the needs of healthy chocolate.

Dolfin chocolates were presented by Michel and Jean Poncelet. The main feature of this chocolate is its authentic flavor. They are produced from sources that are original and the taste is pure and authentic. Producing chocolate bars and Naples.

Galler product praline filled bars. They are the official suppliers of the royal official for his artistic product. They produce the best high quality chocolate made with natural ingredients. They produce chocolate bars and rods were made of fine chocolate exotic areas gained through the tropics and the equator.

New tree is one of the newest additions to existing traditional brands of Belgian chocolates. The company was founded by a biochemist named Benoît de Bruyn.

Belgium produces some of the best chocolates in the world, full of chocolate liquor, mint, dark chocolate, truffles and the list goes on. Chocolates

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