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In the current environment is why many people have careers that are technology or science. One school of thought that says they are logical or creative, but you can s’ to be both. Nothing could be further from the truth. People tend to take a job from the point of view, logical or creative, but anyone can achieve the same goal.

If you are a computer programmer, for example, you can believe or say you are too logical and focused on creative learning process, and some dances. Let s look at things differently.

The first time I learned to write computer programs that were not too comfortable s to go outside the rules or programming language you learned in school. How do you feel more comfortable, they were able to explore some of the more obscure programming languages ??they already knew. They were then able to learn new languages ??without the need to take a full class or to make a lot of advice.

Now that you’re comfortable with your skills that can occur with a project to a desired result and succeeded in creating a solution. If a different program in his department was given the same project, your solution the same result, but the process used to be very different from his art “may also choose to use a completely different programming language, or find a solution that has never happened to him. A computer programmer uses the creative talent as much as any other artist.

The reason for this is that all art begins with understanding the logic, processes and tools of the trade of their art. If you are a painter, you do not just start spraying paint on the canvas and paint a little pressure with the brush. You will end up with a disaster. You must learn to create visual representations should be made in a flat three-dimensional life. Ask any painter who focuses on realism and be able to tell dozens of rules to follow to paint a portrait or landscape. Must be able to use their technical skills to create realistic images they want.

The same process occurs in the dance. The first things you need to learn the steps and body positions. To the steps and body positions actually raises along a nerve pathway, a pathway in the brain, which over time the movements and positions of second nature. In fact, you use your brain and body as tools that work together to create a program of some sort. Just as we no longer have to think carefully about where your fingers are going to write, won the time before we no longer need to think on your feet dancing. This is starting to happen naturally. Once you have the logic and process until the natural flow, then you can take the extras that create a unique interpretation that is to him a look, a touch of a step, a pat on the shoulder to emphasize movement. Little attention to detail is where the creative part of the dance comes into play the rest is just follow the process.

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